Monday, January 2, 2017

Four Reasons to Podcast With Your Mobile Device

Mobility is the best part about podcasting. Whether you’re attending a conference or enjoying a music concert, there’s an opportunity to capture excellent audio for your listeners.

Anny Solway, a contributor at Business 2 Community, says, “One of the great advantages of podcasting is its flexibility in terms of time and format.”

Mobile podcasting is a fun way to engage your audience into new sounds. It’s a good investment into showing, not just telling, your listeners how you can think outside the box and provide them with exceptional content.

The future of podcasting includes mobile devices. Let the Spreaker community help you. Here are five reasons to record on the go:

1. Participate in Impromptu Interviews

Interviews with special guests offer your podcast the chance to share unique experiences with your listeners. “[They also] will give you an added benefit of making deeper connections with influencers and leaders you’d like to know better,” states Matthew Toren, co-founder of Young Entrepreneur.

When recording with a mobile device, you can seize spontaneous interview opportunities. People who were once unreachable by phone or Skype can now be featured on your next episode without scheduling an appointment.

For example, while attending a conference, you can conduct impromptu recordings with industry leaders, keynote speakers, and celebrities. Plus, you can easily fill your content calendar with short interviews.

2. Engage Your Audience

Mobile devices are useful tools to collect feedback from your listeners. If you have an in-studio audience, mingle with the crowd and record their testimonials during and after the show.

Research shows that podcast listeners are more likely to be social media users. So, encourage them to use their tablets to tweet, like, and comment on your content. Integrate their stories into specific show topics to add more voices to the conversations.

In addition, you can grab your mobile device to find show ideas. Rafael Ruiz from Crusaders Radio says that they have Android tablets and use Feedly to find awesome content from multiple RSS feeds and then tag them into Pocket.

3. Record Without the Setup Hassle

No need to invite people to your studio or set up bulky equipment. With a mobile device and recording app, your broadcasting studio fits in your pocket.

The Spreaker Studio app transforms your device into a fully-equipped audio studio. You can broadcast live or pre-record podcasts while adding tracks and sound effects.

In the palm of your hand, you can easily share your content on social media. If you’re ready for audience interaction, the live chatbox can start an active relationship.

Stop carrying your laptop around with you. Get all the audio you desire with the Spreaker Studio app and your smartphone.

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