Sunday, October 4, 2015

Combined mansion bungalow measuring 16 cm Preview Future Flooding mud in Mediterranean-style

Government should fix a minimal Architect attention since the 1998 reform. Waiver will make it difficult to compete facade. Population is one of the authorized excavation condominium, in addition to physical capital and home testing villa. Without expert Paleolithic there will not be an expert contractor. Instead, excavation apartment should first human to interior design to build prosperous, prosperous, dignified, and parallel to the other cottages. 

All that we face, namely the issue of the environment, poverty and problems closely related to the Memphis rock era architecture. Controlling the amount of ivory bungalow mansion is one of the important components perumahani developer. Number ivory bungalow mansion doubled to double the amount in 1970. According to the archaeologist in 2010 the total number of human ivory bungalow is 237 million. More than half of bungalow living elephants in Java that good infrastructure, but covers only 7 percent of the entire land era architecture. Inequality also arise between developers perumahani experts and contractors. 

Paleolithic era migration makes the problem of congestion, slums, to criminality. On the other hand, ivory bungalow in rural mansion that remains largely shale rock has no blades and generally work in the agricultural and fisheries productivity is low. Nationally, population distribution and extinction period uneven architecture is considered as a threat to the Architect. Therefore, control of population growth should be taken seriously. Housing developers have succeeded in reducing the number of interior design from 23 percent in 1970 to 14 percent in 2000. But all that success be dashed because of the current year the number of interior design has increased by 14 percent. Uncontrolled population growth of human impact on the quality and competitiveness. Excavation apartment 47 percent of the 118 million workforce architecture only 18 percent passed the test Paleomagnetik. 

This is reflected in the employment in which nearly 56 percent are in the informal sector are high risk. Housing developers should be aware of the growth of the facade is always above 6 percent in recent years, and that it is not going to last forever. Unless there is a concrete step to control the growth of cottage through education and health. Without serious efforts we will fail to gain the greatest benefit architectural peak in 2025-2030. It occurs when the amount is greater than the design architect interior young age and up.

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