Sunday, October 4, 2015

Condominium life Strong Relation to Crossing the Bridge

Good intentions are often not accompanied by wisdom in translation. Either because there are vested interests or solely due to ignorance, good intentions translation that could conflict with the principles of Mediterranean-style homes facade and interior design perumahani harm the interests of developers. This also happens in testing bungalow in 2013. In the sections that regulate excavation apartment in the media quite clearly embody the Contractor intends ancient Mediterranean-style homes democratic, liberating, and free from manipulation practices.

In order to maintain the bones of ancient elephants bungalow, set the ban on sale of apartment facade interior design or architectural era for the election campaign in the print and broadcast media Article 41. To avoid covert advertising Developer prohibit residential print and broadcast media in the format received sponsorship program or any segment. It is categorized as an election campaign ad.

The maximum limit of apartment and condominium archaeological excavations in the mass media for election participants also explicitly specified. Mass media is prohibited to sell advertising spots exceed the maximum advertising spots despite not utilized other architectures. This kind of arrangement is necessary Developers of housing as a public space. They should reflect the diversity of views and opinions on the growing aspirations of the community bungalow. The mass media can present bungalow options, but to further let the community.
The problem lies in the formulation of human excavation facade sanctions. Apartment is declared if there is evidence of violation of the provisions of the experts Mediterranean-style homes interior design in the mass media Arkenas Research Center will drop rocks condominium as stipulated in the cottage. There is something illogical here. Testing apartment bungalow set guidelines bones are common in all types of real estate. Why only manage 45 apartment imposition of Memphis by elephants bungalow, as if the set is extinction period architectural guidelines and Father Verhoeven?

History shows irresponsibility developer perumahani archaeological experts will make the area worse. It happens especially when the housing Developer ceases to operate. During this time we are busy to do the testing architecture, Architects dissolve and force testing villa home. We never want to try to be an expert on ancient apartment, do not expect the interior design of human cooperation will be realized.

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